Pasta Bolognese

This recipe is a favorite of mine, which is a pasta bolognese. Now, I realize that this isn’t exactly a “true” bolognese, which is a meat sauce. Also, according to the Italians I met, you never mix basil and oregano in Italian cooking. So, this is my American take on it :).

Pasta (I went with rainbow rotini) 16oz, $1.19
Can of whole peeled tomatoes 28oz, $1.57
Can of tomato paste 4oz, $.56
Yellow onion, 3lbs $1.99 (coupon, bought extra, used 1, ~.75lb) so, roughly $.50
Garlic, about 5 cloves, $.20 a cluster, roughly 1/3 a cluster (or head)
Basil, fresh organic leaves, $1.67, roughly half a 2oz package, $.84
Oregano, fresh organic leaves, $1.67, roughly 1/3rd a 2oz package, $.56
Thyme, fresh organic leaves, $1.67, roughly 1/4th a 2oz package, $.42
Olive oil, about 1tbsp

For an added bit, since I love meat, I made pork meatballs. These were experimental, so, proceed with caution.
Ground pork, 1.3lbs, $4.61
1 egg (not sure cost on that…)
Bread crumbs, 1/4 cup
Sage, dried, 1-1 1/2 tsp

Refer to the pasta post for tips on cooking your noodles!

I gathered my mise en place before I started the video below. For funsies, I’ll put a picture of some of it.
That’s basil, oregano, and thyme, in order, in case there is confusion :).

On to the sauce. Now, for the sauce I made a video, because I love red sauce. It’s a bit length, so if there is any wish for me to type this out in text, I can do so later.

End result looked like this:

And here were the meatballs:

I hope you enjoy. This takes some time to get right, but it is delicious, and makes a lot of sauce (roughly 36oz of so, at least). I like adding Parmesan cheese at the end, but that’s an optional addition.


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