Mac and cheese! (with Ham, of course)

I like to call this Hammac and cheese. It’s classier that way.

Ingredients for the portion I made:
Butter, 5tbsp, ~$.32 ($2.50 for 4 sticks of butter)
Flour, 5tbsp, not sure…minimal if you have flour on hand, let’s say $.30
Milk, 2 1/2 cups (24oz), about $.56 (based on a gallon costing $3)
Cheese, sharp cheddar 8oz, $2 (was on sale)
Rotini, 16oz, $1.19
Ham steak, 1.12lbs, $3.35
Optional: few squirts of Sriracha, the delicious rooster sauce (caution: spicy)

This ends up making enough for ~4 people, at least. Cost was roughly $7.72, or $1.93/person.

Start off by making your pasta. Refer to this post for pasta cooking!

After starting to bring the water to a boil, and adding the noodles, I start on the béchamel. Here is a video on making the delicious cheese sauce.

I do realize that I didn’t exactly film this the best, but I think the point still gets across enough. One day, I’ll have professional recording equipment (or not, let’s be real). So, tablet cam it is!

I add ham because it’s delicious. Look for a ham steak, it should come in a package like this, bone in.

Set it in a pan and just lightly cook it. The ham steak is pre-cooked, so this process is really just to warm it up.

I then tend to pull the ham apart by hand…which isn’t always the smart idea with hot food. You can easily cut it up in pieces if that is easier.

Adding some sriracha…

And you have mac and cheese!


Confused on a term? Refer to the lexicon!