Using a honing steel (sharpen the blade)

Here’s a video for using a honing steel.  Do note: a honing steel (sharpening steel) doesn’t actual sharpen…or hone. Name is misleading in that sense, but the purpose of it is to straighten the blade back. As you cut, you’ll ever so slightly create warps/bends in the edge of the blade. The honing steel straightens it back out so that it’s a cleaner edge. Using this tool will greatly increase the longevity of your knives, without the need to actually sharpen them (which is a process of pulling away metal from the edges).

I highly suggest doing this 3-4 times (at least) on each side of the blade before you start to you use it, every time. The blade will keep its sharpness better if it is doing regularly before use.

Confused on a term? Refer to the lexicon!

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