Beef stew

Beef stew is really a easy thing to make, and it’s not terribly expensive overall. You do need a crock pot, or a very large pot (I do suggest the crock pot, though…)

Beef Chuck Roast, 4.29lb, $14.54
Potatoes, roughly 2.5lb, $2.50 for a 5lb bag, I paid $2 with coupon, $1
Celery, ~5 stalks, $1.50/bag, $1
Carrots, ~5, $2.19/bag, $1
Beef Broth (stock), around 1qt (32oz), (go low sodium) $1.75
Garlic, ~4 cloves, $.20 a head, roughly $.08
Parsley, $.69 a bunch, roughly 1/3rd used (destemmed), $.23
Optional: one medium onion, I forgot this, would be roughly $1
Optional: one dark beer, stout or porter, substitute for some of the broth liquid
Optional: thyme, I added some because I had it on hand

Made…roughly 8 servings worth (adult males eat a lot): Roughly $20.60, or $2.58/serving

I prepared all of this the evening beforehand. I only assembled it in the morning, that way it cooked all day and was ready for me to eat at dinner the night after. I would suggest doing this if you are cooking it on a weekday, otherwise start early.

Start off by peeling carrots. Now, I always do this, but it isn’t 100% necessary, I just like the clean look of a peeled carrot.

When peeling, do long strokes in order to cover as much surface area as possible. Doing short quick jabs is going to make the peeling process take longer.

Cut off the ends, both the tip and the base. Then chop them, I tend to leave them relatively large in chunk size because I like my stew chunkier.

Then the potatoes. Wash the potatoes, cut off any ends, and then cut them into chunks.

I cut them in half, then half again (quartering) then tried to hold the potato together as a single whole, and cut it down into smaller chunks.

And then put it into water to make sure they don’t oxidize.

Cut up the celery next. For reference here, I made a video

Lastly, the meat. Trim off the excess fat, but don’t worry about getting all of it. It is good to leave some of it still attached.

Cube the meat into chunks. Up to you on the size. After hours of slow cooking, it will more than likely fall apart anyway.

Cover everything and store it in the refrigerator if you are cooking it the day after.

Add flour, salt, and pepper to the meat and mix.

Add the beef and the potatoes to the crock pot (the order doesn’t matter too much here)

Add the carrots and celery

Add your broth (and in my case, a beer) to it now, and add the parsley.


Then mix it up with a wooden spoon.

Cook that for 6-8 hours on low in a crock pot, and you should be good. Enjoy.

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