Currywurst reminds me of Germany

Currywurst is delicious. I’m sure most people will look at this and wonder what it is, but the name is really the literal explanation. It’s curry, and bratwurst (with some ketchup mixed with the curry). This was one of the most common fast foods in Germany, and it was always delicious. Finding curry ketchup here in the states is a bit more difficult, sadly. You can find it in some international food shops, something like curry ketchup. Just note that it is easily $5 a bottle here, and that really is a silly price. My suggestion would be to find some curry (if you live here in Bloomington, go to Nemaste and find curry there. You can get ~6oz of it for around $2. Compare that to the ~1.2oz for ~$4 of McCormicks).

Bratwurst (I tend to go with plain, would second guess cheese) – $3-4 per package of 5.
Ketchup – $1-1.50 for a bottle, will use only a few oz
Curry – As above, around $2-3 for ~6oz of curry, you will use maybe 1tbsp

This, along with a starch, you need to serve this with a starch or it just feels wrong, and some veggies to be well rounded, serves 2 adult males. Consider more brats for more people. ~$2 a serving for the currywurst.

Here’s what I started with:


Brussels sprouts are a wonderful German touch to this, because they are mini cabbages, and cabbage is deliciously good for you.

Put the brats (the amount you want, you don’t need to do the whole package…) into a pan, with a lid on it. A grill makes this much easier to do, but since I don’t own one, this is my only option.


The reason you want a lid is because these have some thickness to them and you want to use the steam from the fat/oil as much as possible to cook the meat through the center. Cook them on medium heat. I used about the 4 mark on my gas stove. If you hear excessive cracking of fat in the pan, your heat is probably too high.
WARNING: Taking off the lid will most likely result in some spitting of fat…be warned.

Cook the brats until they start to turn color, basically, once you see the tops no longer pink, like this:

If there is an excess of liquid in the pan, drain what you can from it. It’s less preferable to basically boil the brats in fat. Put the lid back on and rotate them one full turn, you should see a bit of a char mark on the side of the brat that was facing down.

Put the lid back on and cook for around another 4-5 minutes at the same temperature, or until it is no longer pink inside (you will have to cut into the brat to find this out, and cutting into the meat makes it lose all its delicious juice :().

Rest your meat. This is always a rule that you should follow. Let it sit for around 5 minutes.

Slice them and put them on a plate to serve.

(I just realized I forgot to take a final picture…will add one the next time I make this which won’t be long. I must have been too hungry to remember.)

To make the curry ketchup, here is what I do. Take ketchup and curry:

And mix. You want the flavor to taste like ketchup, but you want distinctive curry taste, as well. In my personal opinion, buy spicy curry, because spicy curry ketchup is delightful. It should also not be a bright red anymore, but something a bit darker in color. Here is where mine ended:

Serve this as a sauce with the meat.

For the potato, check out this recipe.

For a tip on steaming veggies, check out this post.

Confused on a term? Refer to the lexicon!