Potatoes: a simple roasting method

Potatoes are wonderful. They’re rather nutritious and incredibly filling for very little money. Both sweet potatoes (what I used here) and regular potatoes (white/yellow, doesn’t matter) work with this method of preparation.

Preheat the oven to around 400 degrees. Will need to bake a single medium sized sweet potato for around 20 minutes.

You’ll need a few potatoes, or a good size sweet potato, and cut it up.

Put it into a bowl and toss it with olive oil and:

These flavors go beautifully with potatoes. I highly suggest it.

Put it on a baking sheet with tin foil down or parchment paper (Backpapier if you care for the German word). Spread out the potatoes relatively evenly.

Bake until you can pierce with a fork with little resistance from the potato.

I forgot to take a final picture 🙁 will return when I manage to do that…

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