Steaming veggies

So, just as a reference point, this is how I typically end up preparing vegetables for any meal. Involves using a basic glass dish with a lid that has a hole in the top. Something like this (lid omitted).

I often buy frozen veggies for a good reason. Typically, veggies that are out of season are hard to come by in good shape, and frozen veggies go through a flash-freezing process in order to preserve the vegetable as well as possible. The other reason is I read that fresh veggies can actually contain less nutrients than frozen if you aren’t using the fresh the same day purchased.

The longer you leave veggies sitting in your fridge or on the counter, the less nutritious they become.

I will never argue that frozen veggies are better, because they aren’t. Fresh everything has better taste, better bite, and are just wonderful. But for the best bang for your buck, frozen veggies are the only “frozen” thing you should consider buying. Everything else I wouldn’t suggest.

Add a small amount of water to the bottom of the dish, and put it int he microwave with the lid on and the steam hole open (or a cracked corner so steam can escape). I would suggest adding a pinch of salt for some flavor.

I also like adding a dash of cayenne pepper to my green veggies (and corn). It’s wonderful.

On the note of corn, one of my favorite ways to prepare corn (not on the cob) with this sort of method is to add a few tablespoons of butter (unsalted, salted butter is silly), cayenne, and of course, a pinch of salt. It’s awesome.

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