Tomatillo Salsa (salsa verde)

Ingredient list:

Tomatillos, around 1.5lbs (24oz) is what I used ($1.99/lb, was $3.02)
White onion, roughly half a pound worth (8oz) ($1.29/lb, was $1.43)
Cilantro leaves, roughly a quarter cup’s worth ($.75 a bunch, fresh)
A pinch or two of salt
A small pinch of sugar
2-3 Jalapeno or Serrano peppers, remove ribs and seeds for less heat ($1.49/lb, was $.30 for 3)
1 half of a lime ($.25 per lime)
total cost: ~$5.80 if you include salt and sugar cost of a few cents.
Provides roughly 35oz of salsa.

So, here are some photos and a brief run through of how to make tomatillo salsa. A tomatillo is a small Mexican tomato with a husk to it. They look like this:

You need to remove the husk on these tomatoes, and wash them in cold water pretty thoroughly. They have a natural stickiness to them underneath the husks, and you’re going to want to wash that away. You’ll end up with green tomatoes, like this:

Cut them in half and place them down on a baking sheet that is lined with tin foil.

Best way to cook it from here is to broil it. Now, depending on what kind of oven you have, you will have to put the pan where the heat is going to be coming from. My gas oven has an drawer at the bottom that slides out for broiling. Most electric ovens are going to provide most of the head from the top coil of the oven, so you will want to simply move a rack inside the oven to the highest it will go, and put the baking sheet underneath the coils. This process will take 5-10 minutes to blacken the tomatoes.

While the tomatoes are broiling, cut the jalapenos (and de-rib them if you like), pull some cilantro leaves, cut your onion (check my video post if you want tips on how to cut an onion), slice the lime in half to squeeze the juice from, and have the salt + sugar ready.

You’ll want to remove the top from the jalapenos and either leave the ribs on or cut them out. In the photo belowI cut them out, but I added more later for extra spice.

And all of the mise en place, aside from the tomatoes:

My tomatoes slid all over the places after moving it out of the oven but it doesn’t matter. What you’re looking for is the char on the outside of the tomatoes. You will transfer these tomatoes, and as much of the juice as you can get into a blender (or in my case, a pot and I used my hand blender since it’s all I have).

Here I threw in all the ingredients. I squeezed half a lime for its juice, and added in a few pinches of salt, a pinch of sugar (plays well with the spice), the half an onion, 1 jalapeno (was making a less spicy version for the folks who don’t like spicy), and the cilantro. After this point you will blend it to get something like the picture featured/below. Taste it after it is blended to see if you are missing anything. You should get a mouthful of flavor with a single bite, and be able to taste the cilantro, tomato, a small amount of the salt, and the lime. Adding more jalapeno will typically cause a finish of a spicy flavor, and it won’t hit immediately.

And there is the Tomatillo salsa. You will want to refrigerate it to cool it off, as it will be hot. Do note, the longer it sits the hotter it will get, as the pepper will settle and disperse within the salsa. If you’re afraid of what it might become, start light with the pepper until you become comfortable with item.

Feedback is always welcome! God bless :).

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