About the Author

The name’s John Bresette, and I made the decision to start this blog to share some cooking tips/recipes/references with all of the people who don’t seem to know anything about cooking :). I’ve spent a great deal of time looking up information, trying to read through books, and teaching myself how to cook. I am not a trained chef by any means; thus, I expect there will be mistakes on here.

I’m a christian man and I won’t be hiding it in my postings. I cook out of a need to love the people around me, and feeding others is a delightful way to do that. That, and since I live around (and sometimes with) college age folks, I feel that there is a great need for them to learn to feed themselves properly, and provide a framework for anyone to be welcoming and inviting to others.

If you have some tips/advice/corrections, let me know, as I appreciate feedback.

I would also like to thank Haley Reeves for the name. I appreciate your contribution :).